Love jihad – a term coined by the right wing for inter faith marriages is once again in the news. And this time, the apex court has stepped in and has directed the premier national investigation agency to probe. A Kerala love jihad case, a marriage of a 24-year-old Hindu girl who converted into Islam to marry a Muslim boy was annulled by the Kerala high court in May this year.

While the NIA has already said love jihad is for real and there seems to be a pattern to convert Hindu girls and marry them off to Muslim men. It’s interesting the Apex Court in its wisdom has sought the probe in this case not ruling out terrorism.

With Kerala being an extremely vulnerable state to ISIS and its growing threat, the Supreme Court’s directive gains further importance with inter faith marriages not being new in India. The practice is centuries old, but this raises substation doubt in the modus operandi of the entire network and we at spotlight. Are debating is there a larger foreign design as far as the
pattern of these inter faith marriages.

After all in Kerala alone in the last 11 years as many as 2500 such cases have come to light.