Any discussion of floods in Mumbai begins with a ritual invocation of one fateful date – July 26, 2005, when the megacity received 944mm of rainfall.

But today the maximum city once again saw maximum chaos. Over 100 mm of rain, coupled with a high tide situation, it brought Mumbai to its knees, bringing India’s financial capital, home to over 2.2 crore people, to a standstill.

Predictably, life has been thrown out of gear completely with rail, air and road traffic services being severely hit. Heavy rains have caused severe waterlogging in low-lying areas and also resulted in traffic snarls.

At Spotlight we are asking if the civic authorities learnt anything from the 2005 disaster. BMC is Asia’s richest body with over Rs 25000 crore as its budget. Where is that funding going? But let us first listen in to Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis speaking to NewsX.