It’s a chilling crime that has left the country shocked and outraged. Parents across India are worried sick about the safety of their children after a seven-year-old boy was brutally killed inside the washroom of his own school —Ryan International in Gurgaon.

The doctor who conducted the post mortem today ruled out sodomy. The trustees of the school have been interrogated and their anticipatory bail pleas will be heard by the court tomorrow. We’re told every member of the school staff will be grilled. The police maintain the accused, a bus conductor has confessed to his crime and that he had tried to sexually assault the boy and slashed his throat when the boy resisted. But there are many who are not buying this story.

The parents of the murdered boy too believe the bus conductor is being made a scapegoat. They want a CBI probe. Many have also pointed out how there are several discrepancies in the versions put out by the police and the school. And then there is a long list of serious security lapses on part of the school, which happens to be one of the most elite schools in the national capital region. These lapses seem to have significantly contributed to the ease with which the horrific murder was committed.

In the wake of the murder that has sent a chill down the spine of parents everywhere in the country, some schools are now falling back on technology with the introduction of tagged I cards that will help parents track the movement of their children. However, there are growing calls for much stricter security measures to be put in place at schools across the country with the Centre too planning to issue fresh guidelines in this regard.

The question many are asking is — Isn’t the school as culpable as the man who carried out the murder? Isn’t it time to hold the school management accountable? Doesn’t the buck stop with them? Can they get away by simply calling themselves victims of unfortunate circumstances?