For years, India has been firm in its aim to expose the ugly face of the Pakistan to the rest of the world. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often said, it took the world an attack of the magnitude of 9/11 to realise that there is no good or bad terror, and the subsequent capture of Osama Bin Laden to realise that Pakistan is the mother ship of terror. It has been isolated on a global stage, it’s ugly tactics exposed several times, but Pakistan has so far refused to stop providing safe haven to terrorists. Now, Islamabad has been put on notice, and by none other than the Trump Administration.

(( US defence Secretary James Mattis has clearly spelled out the country’s stand, stating that Pakistan’s support to Terror groups is threatening its relations with the U.S. He added, that the US will try one more time to work with Pakistan but if the efforts fail, it may revoke Pakistan’s status as a non-NATO ally. This warning, coming on the same day when Pakistan’s Foreign Minister arrived in US for his three day visit as part of efforts to rebuild bilateral ties and his scheduled to meet the country’s national security advisor.