Hailed as India’s global ambassador, one would have expected that Priyanka Chopra would have been better informed about the beautiful country she calls her home. But the actress shocked India when a video clip of her interview filmed in Toronto went viral. While talking of her film ‘Pahuna’, she described Sikkim as insurgency hit and ‘Pahuna’ – which she is producing – as the first film to come out of the state, neither of which incidentally is true.

Priyanka faced massive backlash as India erupted in anger tearing into her ignorance regarding North East, especially when she herself is the brand ambassador of Assam tourism.

Battered by severe condemnation, Priyanka was forced to issue an apology but that hardly helped in dousing the flames which singed her all day long. Her mother Madhu Chopra too apologised to Sikkim tourism minister Ugen Gyatso. The Sikkim government meanwhile announced that Priyanka will have to screen her film ‘Pahuna’ before a select committee in the state before its release.

What added fuel to the fire was her apology, where she ended up scoring a own goal yet again calling Sikkim a “nation”.

Sikkim, statistically, is one of the most peaceful states in India today with its crime rate being among the lowest in the country.

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