This is not the first time that a human trafficking case has been reported from Hyderabad. What is shocking is that this still happens. In 1982 there came a movie called ‘Baazar’ on similar lines where a father forcefully promised his daughter to an old wealthy sheikh. Even after 35 years things haven’t really changed.

Once again Hyderabad is in the news and the issue is the same. The Hyderabad police today busted a sheikh marriage racket where minor girls were being sold to the wealthy sheikhs of Arab countries.

It was a well setup network where they have qazis and brokers. These brokers are mostly women who lure poor girls into trap on the pretext of a good life for which sheikhs pay Rs 3 lakh to 5 lakh depending on the deal. Qazis prepare forged nikahnamas and certificates so that the pervert sheikhs can take the girls to their countries and from there the real misery begins for these minor girls. They are not only sexually assaulted but also kept in inhuman situations with their hopes to return home crushed for always.

Police raided 2 locations and arrested 20 people including 5 Omani and 3 Qatar nationals. The irony remains – from decades such cases have been emerging time and again in Hyderabad but still there is no solution that seems to have been found.