Sunday, December 10, 2023

PTI supporters protest against ‘minus-one formula’ outside Pakistan High Commission in London

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Outside the Pakistan High Commission in London, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters and leaders staged a protest against the “minus-one formula,” the government’s effort to disqualify PTI Chairman from elections.

As per media sources, the demonstration in London took place in concert with others conducted across Pakistan in response to a request from Imran Khan’s party central office. The protesters, according to the speakers, gathered to voice their support for Khan and to make it clear that the PTI leader should not be disqualified or eliminated in any other way since doing so would be detrimental to Pakistan’s democratic process.

The “minus-one formula” will not be accepted, protesters waving banners and posters supporting their leader stated. For three hours, they shouted “minus-one formula na manzoor” in front of the Pakistan High Commission.

The recently elected PTI officials, including PTI London President Waqas Sagar, PTI UK President Imran Khalil, General-Secretary Rana Hamid Afzal, Senior-Vice President Taqweem Ahsan, and Youth Secretary Aurangzeb Khan, participated in the demonstration in London.

At the rally, speakers included Sahibzada Jahangir, Farzana Mukhtar, Maheen Faisal, Shahid Destageer, Amir Khan, and Adnan Shareef, the membership coordinator and co-president of the literary organisation, as per media sources.

Nabeel Qureshi, the party’s secretary general, said that Pakistanis had rejected the PTI chairman’s ouster from office via an alleged American conspiracy and had supported him against the injustice done to him. He noted that specific individuals had planned a wicked “minus one” scheme against Khan, but “such efforts will be destroyed.”

Farzana Mukhtar, another speaker, claimed that Pakistan is currently experiencing its greatest crisis and that the only way out is through free and fair elections. No one else would be recognised as the leader of Pakistan, according to Maheen Faisal.

Imran Khan has put up a fight, which is why certain individuals want to remove him from politics, but PTI workers won’t allow such an evil scheme to prevail, she said.

Pakistan was liberated in 1947, however, Imran Khalil, the president of PTI UK, claimed that Pakistan never truly experienced independence. He said that Khan was now in charge of the “Haqeezi Azadi” movement and that the entire country supported him.

If the party’s leader was found to be ineligible in any of the cases brought against him, Sahibzada Jahangir declared that hunger strikes and demonstrations would take place all throughout the UK.

It’s crucial to avoid taking any action that eliminates Imran Khan via any means other than the electoral process because we would go to whatever lengths to protest, and this will send a very poor message to the world community, he warned.

A statewide demonstration against the “minus-one formula” was planned for earlier on Saturday by the Pakistani PTI. The demonstration was organised by the party to show support for its leader, Imran Khan. Its anti-government campaign has entered a new phase, as PTI claimed, according to Pakistani media.

Imran Khan stated in a tweet, “The last of our current phase of the Haqiqi Azadi Movement will take place in Gujranwala tomorrow. At the jalsa, I’ll disclose the crucial next step. The imported government and its managers are so terrified that the country would support PTI wholeheartedly that they are frantically implementing the Minus 1 formula.”

According to the local media outlets, other PTI officials stated that the cancellation of by-elections in 13 National Assembly seats, nine of which Khan was running for, validated their concern that Khan may be barred from holding public office.

The joint investigation team (JIT) looking into a terrorist case against Imran Khan was called by the Islamabad capital city police on Saturday.

The former prime minister was charged in a case for allegedly threatening Zeba Chaudhry, a judge of a lower court, but failed to appear before the JIT at the Margalla Police Station.

Khan should come before the investigative team at 5 pm on Saturday to guarantee that he responds to its inquiries as the notification noted that he is out on bail in the case till September 12 and should do so.
After receiving an “unsatisfactory” response in the contempt of court case on Thursday, the Islamabad High Court decided to prosecute former Pakistani Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on September 22.

Imran Khan’s statement was deemed unsatisfactory by IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah during the case’s hearing, and he added that Imran Khan will be charged in a contempt case on September 22 after two weeks, as per media sources.

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