Punjab: CM Mann announces hikes in crop loss compensation

27 March, 2023 | Pragati Singh

punjab National

Farmers will be compensated on time and in a transparent manner

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann met with officials and discussed the issue of compensation for farmers who lost crops due to bad weather. Crop damage has been reported in North India as a result of the bad weather. Farmers’ crops in many districts of Punjab were destroyed, prompting farmers to demand compensation. Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, along with several officials, personally visited crop fields to assess crop damage. He met with the officials following the crop assessment.

Taking to Twitter, CM Bhagwant Mann posted a video on his personal account saying,  “We have changed the way of compensation of the previous government and now unlike the previous government, we will not only announce compensation but also give it”.

We will not distribute cheques worth Rs 54 or Rs 111, but farmers will be compensated on time and in a transparent manner, he added. CM Bhagwant Mann stated that previously, Rs 12,000 was given for a 75% to 100% loss, but now Rs 15,000 will be given for a 75% to 100% loss. Previously, Rs 5400 was given for losses ranging from 33% to 50%, but now Rs 6750 will be given.

Taking it to CMO Punjab Twitter he said, “The labourers will get 10 percent as compensation adding that Rs 95,100 will be paid as compensation to full house damage whereas Rs 5,200 will be given for minor damage to houses. The state government will soon introduce a crop insurance scheme for the farmers”.