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Punjab poll of polls: AAP set to take Punjab?

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In the electoral battle of 2022, there would only be one winner. In Punjab, one of the hotbeds of assembly elections 2022, the momentum is at its all time high. While the Bhartiya Janata Party is yet to announce its CM candidate, Congress has fielded the sitting CM Charanjit Singh Channi and the Aam Aadmi Party has fielded Bhagwant Mann. Before Punjab goes to polls on February 20, the NewsX’s poll of polls survey has predicted AAP’s win in Punjab.

Seat Share:

Out of the 117 seats, C Voter has predicted that Aam Aadmi Party will be leading with 55-63 seats. Meanwhile, 24-30 seats would likely be retained by Congress, 20-26 by SAD, 3-11 by BJP and 0-2 by others.

India TV, on the other hand, has predicted that Congress will come back to power with 50-52 seats. As per India TV poll survey, 29-31 seats are expected to be bagged by AAP, 30-32 by SAD, 1-3 by BJP and 1-3 by others.

P MARQ has predicted a close competition between AAP and Congress, suggesting that 49-55 seats are likely to be secured by AAP and 43-49 seats by Congress. Meanwhile, 15-21 seats are expected to be secured by SAD, 1-3 by BJP and 1-3 by Others. Designed box has also predicted a close competition between the two parties and suggests that 39-42 seats will be secured by AAP and 38-41 by Congress. 25-28 seats are expected to be secured by SAD, 3-6 by BJP and 2-5 by others.

VETO has predicted AAP’s win with 57-60 seats. As per VETO, 43-46 seats will be secured by Congress, 10-13 by SAD, 0-3 by BJP and 1-2 by Others. Jan Ki baat has predicted that AAP will be sweeping Punjab polls by winning around 60-66 seats. It has predicted that 33-39 seats would be secured by Congress, 14-18 seats by SAD and 0-4 by BJP.

As per poll of polls, AAP is likely to lead the electoral race with 51 seats, while Congress, SAD, BJP+ and others would be trailing with 41, 21, 3 and 1 seats respectively.

Vote Share:

As per C Voter,  AAP is expected to lead with a 39.8% vote share, followed by Congress (30%), SAD (20.2%), BJP (8%) and others (2%). India TV has predicted Congress’s comeback with 36% vote share. According to India Tv, 28% vote share would be secured by AAP, 22% by SAD, 5% by BJP and 9% by others. P Marq has predicted 37.3% vote share for AAP, 35.3% for Congress, 16.3% for SAD, 5.6% for BJP and 5.5% for others.

VETO has predicted 42.38% vote share for AAP, 34.25% for Congress, 14.80% for SAD, 4.01% for BJP and 4.55% for others. Designed Box has predicted 34% vote share for AAP, 30% for Congress, 25% for SAD, 6% for BJP and 5% for Others. Jan Ki Baat has predicted 41.5% vote share for AAP, 34.5% for Congress, 15.5% for SAD, 7% for BJP, 1.5% for others.

Poll of polls has estimated 37.16% vote share for AAP, 33.34% for Congress, 18.96% for SAD, 5.93% for BJP and 4.61% for others.

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