Quick DIYs to get glowing skin this Navroz

16 August, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Here's a quick and effective DIY skin treatment to get that festive glow without going to the salon.This Navroz, try these awesome home remedies to knock off dead skin cells and look radiant.

New Delhi [India], August 16 : As the festival of Navroz or the Parsi New Year has arrived at a time when the number of coronavirus cases are on the rise, many would be in the dilemma of whether to visit salons to get that festive glow.
While many have adapted to the ‘new normal’ owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many are opting to stay indoors to avoid any possibility of contracting the virus. Stepping out or not, here are some of the best home DIY beauty treatments from the personal closet of a Delhi based beautician, Geeta Singh, that will help people to achieve that radiant glow by knocking off the dead skin cells.

1) DIY Face Scrub
Scrubs are the most essential part of one’s face-care regime as it opens the skin pores so that dirt, oil, pollution and gunk particles find their way out of the skin.
“The most basic skin scrub can be made by making a paste of coffee and lemon. While lemon has natural astringent properties, coffee’s granular surface works as the natural scrubbing agent,” she said.
“You should totally avoid scrubs for your skin if you have acne or breakouts because scrubs only worsen them,” she added.
Coffee, loaded with Vitamin B-3, is also known for its skin brightening effect.

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2) DIY Body Pack
Besides a glowing face, there are beauty treatments for the body as well. While coffee and lemon are good for the skin, there is much more that is needed for the whole body.
“The simple ingredients that can make an excellent body pack are gram flour, curd, lemon, and a pinch of turmeric. This helps in removing the dead skin cells from the body and gives you that instant glow,” the 47-year-old said.
The body pack can be applied half an hour ahead of one’s bathing schedule.

3) DIY Face Masks
There are several DIY face packs or masks depending on one’s skin type that can be made with simple home ingredients and can be stored in containers for later use.

“A good face mask for people with oily skin type can be made with aloe vera gel straight from the plant. Adding the gel to fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder makes a skin brightening and acne-treating face mask,” Geeta said.
People with dry skin needs exfoliation, and a good exfoliator from the kitchen is oatmeal.
“For people with dry skin, the best mask can be one with oatmeal, banana, and honey. Blend the three in a food processor and your skin is ready to get deep cleansed,” she added.

Sharing a pro-tip with ANI, the beautician said that one should use every skincare product down till the neck while using it on the face to avoid uneven exfoliation or uneven skin tones.
The three home DIY beauty treatments can also be used by people who are allergic to chemical-based cosmetic products depending upon their skin type.

While Navroz is here, make sure that the pandemic blues do not dampen the glow of your skin

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