Raj Kundra predicted profit in crores: 2nd adult app’s revenue sheet accessed

27 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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In the 2nd adult app’s revenue sheet accessed by NewsX, it has been revealed that Raj Kundra predicted profit in crores. His PA was instructed to ‘sell old content’ fast so that Rs 50 lakh can be r...

The police have discovered WhatsApp chats between Raj Kundra and his PA Umesh Kamat, in which he talked about his ‘plan B’ just in case he gets caught for making recorded porn films. The name of the other plan was a platform called Bolifem.

Kundra’s daily revenue from the films was between 15-20 thousand and he anticipated getting caught by the police one of these days. Therefore, he told Kamat that he will upload live streams that are going to thrive in Bolifem, a substitute to Hotstar that has now been banned.

His PA was instructed to ‘sell old content’ fast so that Rs 50 lakh can be recovered as soon as possible. Before that, Raj Kundra sent him an article that mentioned seven OTT platforms that the police could summon for broadcasting objectionable content. To this, Kundra replied, ‘It is great that we prepared for Bolifem.’

The oldest ‘plan B’ chat dates back to last year November when Google suspended the Hotshot App. ‘No matter plan B has started. The application will be live at the most in 2 to 3 weeks’—this is what Raj Kundra wrote to Pradeep Bakshi, his brother-in-law and Hotshot App owner.

The launch was, however, curtailed because Umesh Kamat was arrested in February under the same porn scandal case.The WhatsApp chats are the main evidence against Raj Kundra that led to further investigation and his arrest. He has been in police custody for a week now. The same chats revealed that Kundra wanted to delete pornographic content from the app in order to escape police investigation.