Rajasthan Congress minister Rajendra Singh Gudha sacked after criticising his own Govt on Rapes

22 July, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

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The Rajasthan government sacked Rajendra Singh Gudha from the cabinet, and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot recommended his removal to Governor Kalraj Mishra.

Rajendra Singh Gudha, who was removed from the Rajasthan cabinet by the Ashok Gehlot government due to his remarks on women’s safety in the state, insisted that he was punished for speaking the truth. He stated, “I speak the truth always, that is who I am. I follow my conscience…I got punished for speaking the truth.”

Gudha expressed concern about the alarming state of women’s safety, saying, “The sisters and daughters of Udaipurwati Assembly constituency…trusted me so that I can respect and protect them. But the way in which newspapers today are flooded with incidents of sexual harassment incidents on our sisters and mothers shows that Rajasthan is number one in atrocities against women.”

He also criticized the government for its inaction on issues like abduction of children, unemployment, and corruption. He said, “We had protested against the abduction of girl children during BJP’s rule…People had elected us with the hope that we can do something good for women, against unemployment and corruption.”

Rajendra Singh Gudha had asked his government for introspection over rape cases in Rajasthan

Regarding a recent incident in Manipur, he urged the Rajasthan government to introspect and not just condemn others, saying, “The manner in which the incident happened in Manipur is shameful and should be condemned. But I had said that we should look into ourselves as well.”

Gudha expressed his concern about seeking votes in the upcoming state assembly elections if these pressing issues are not addressed, stating, “After 4 months, we will go to the public to seek votes. How will we face them then? All these things will concern us. I just said that these things need to be fixed.”

He also highlighted the issue of paper leaks and the impact it has on the youth’s future, saying, “Our youth are dying by suicide…They give exams every day but their papers are out. The youths are living in desperation, and we are unable to do anything for them.”

I will keep speaking until I am alive: Rajendra Singh Gudha

Despite being removed from the cabinet, Rajendra Singh Gudha asserted that he will continue to speak up for the public, regardless of consequences. He said, “Public will stay with me, I will work for them. Whether he (Ashok Gehlot) removes me from the cabinet or sends me to jail, I will keep speaking until I am alive.”

Meanwhile, BJP MP Rajyavardhan Rathore criticized the Congress-led government for removing Gudha, stating that they cannot tolerate the truth. Rathore questioned the government’s priorities, asking whether issues of women’s safety were less important than protecting the party line.

The Rajasthan government sacked Rajendra Singh Gudha from the cabinet, and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot recommended his removal to Governor Kalraj Mishra. No specific reason for Gudha’s termination was mentioned in the official statement.

Rajendra Singh Gudha’s removal from the Rajasthan cabinet has sparked a heated debate in the political arena. While some have supported his outspoken stance on women’s safety and other pressing issues, others have criticized him for going against the party’s line. Gudha remained resolute, stating that he would continue to speak the truth, even if it meant facing consequences.