Rajasthan political crisis: Pilot moves court against speaker’s notice

16 July, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

Sachin Pilot National

Sachin Pilot has filed a plea against speaker's notice at Rajasthan High Court. His plea will be heard at 3 pm today.

The political crisis in Rajasthan isn’t nearing its end anytime soon. On the contrary, the rumble, which was earlier confined to Jaipur, is now approaching the court. Dejected by Rajasthan Congress‘s high command, Former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has now moved Rajasthan high court against speaker’s notice. His plea will be heard at 3 pm today.

Ashok Gehlot’s camp, on the other hand, is too exploring their means. As per NewsX sources, they are likely to approach the cops to file a complaint against Pilot for hoarding MLAs in a resort. We are also informed that the complaint could be filed by rebel’s kins.

After expelling Pilot as Rajasthan Dy CM, Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday claimed that he has proof that horse-trading was being done in Jaipur. While speaking to the media, Gehlot said that they had to keep people at a hotel for 10 days. If they hadn’t done that, Jaipur would have faced the situation as Manesar.

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He added that he has been in politics for 40 years. The new generation has become central ministers, state presidents. Had they walked their path, they would have understood. Further taking a dig at Pilot, Gehlot added that speaking good English, giving good bytes and being handsome isn’t everything. One’s ideology, policies and commitment also matter.

Sachin Pilot, on the other hand, has maintained that he is not joining BJP. Soon after Rajasthan Congress decided to dispel him off his post, the minister tweeted, “Truth can be disturbed, not defeated”.

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