Sunday, December 10, 2023

Ranchi violence: Jharkhand CID files chargesheet against 11 named accused

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According to authorities on Saturday, Jharkhand Crime Investigation Department has submitted a chargesheet against 11 identified suspects in the case involving police shootings during the Ranchi unrest.

The fight happened on June 10 of this year. The Daily Market Police Station’s FIR number for this case is 17/22.

Following the NHRC standards, the matter was moved to CID in the final week of June.

A CID team of three people looked into the situation.

On the basis of a Circle Officer’s complaint, case 17/22 has been opened at the Daily Market police station against 22 named and around 8–10,000 unidentified individuals.

FIR was filed earlier on June 22 in relation to the incident that occurred in Ranchi on June 10, detailing how a mob got violent and miscreants fired at police.

The miscreants attempted to climb on the Hanuman Temple along Ranchi’s main road and fired 60 to 80 rounds of ammunition, according to the FIR.

Circle Officer (CO) Amit Bhagat filed the specific FIR, claiming that he was on patrol when hundreds of people demonstrated against Nupur Sharma’s offensive comments against Prophet Muhammad.

According to the FIR, the protest march did not have authorization. The gathering got violent despite police attempts to disperse it.

FIR stated “Miscreants sought to target the Hanuman Temple in a deliberate way to incite religious rioting and continued stone-pelting.”

The police cordon was breached by the mob in an “effort to climb on the shrine,” according to the FIR.

According to the FIR, “during this procedure, the mob and the miscreants shot on the police…many in the crowd even sought to seize firearms from police officials.”

The police employed some restraint, but the mob was not dissuaded, according to the FIR. It stated that attempts to talk to the demonstrators and appease them, even by the Deputy Commissioner and Senior Superintendent of Police, were unsuccessful.

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