Rapper Loka drops the much awaited electrifying album – Autobiography

8 October, 2020 | newsx bureau

Rapper Loka Entertainment

Rapper Loka has finally released his much-awaited album Autobiography. The album features 6 tracks and is available worldwide on all audio platforms.

A new era of Indian HipHop has begun with the release of Mumbai based rapper – Loka’s debut ep – Autobiography. One of the most highly anticipated ep of Indian HipHop has finally been released and it has turned every Loka hater into a Loka believer. The 6-track by ‘Punjab Ki Billo Aur Bombay Se Billa’ hitmaker has finally been released worldwide on all audio platforms.
The ep starts with the song Ou! Which is a very personal song for Loka where he speaks about his last life and everything he has went through to come come up here. A very melodic and fresh side of Loka.
Following single ‘Bhai Tera Baller Hai’ has already been released and people have loved the classic Loka swag in the single along with insane bars.
Thirdly, we have Rada which is also the focus track from this ep. Rada is basically Bombay street meeting a commercial dancehall anthem. Video for Rada shall be premiered on 8th October 6pm.
Next Up is Gucci Aur Nike, a premium street single, Loka spitting real facts with a very international commercial vibe.
You Know The Vibes is Loka’s brand since day 1 that he has been repping. A very melodic single with an insanely beautiful music by AAKASH.
The ep ends with LOKA, a self-titled track single for all the shawties out there sending them a melodic message, again all real facts.
The audio is out now worldwide and the videos shall be coming out one song per week. Pretty much hypes up by the hiphop community, and bringing in crazy love from worldwide.
The album is releasing under Innovura Entertainment’s banner, which is a fresh independent record label pushing and developing upcoming talents. Sources also say that Loka has signed a 7-figure deal with Innovura for the 6-track ep, which somewhere around Rs.20,00,000 roughly m. The deal has gotten in place through Loka’s Management – Zain Syed from Obskur Talents making it one of the biggest record deals to happen in Indian HipHop industry especially being an independent artists.