Reactor explosion at private pharma lab in Visakhapatnam, 2 injured

30 June, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

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The Sahithi Pharma building in Anakapalli's Achuthapuram Industrial Special Economic Zone caught fire after blast in the reactor of the lab.

Two individuals have been injured as a result of a fire that started at a private pharmaceutical lab in the Visakhapatnam neighbourhood of Anakapalli’s Atchutapuram Industrial Special Economic Zone, as reported by the local police. Police officers and fire trucks arrived at the scene as soon as they received information about the incident.

According to Anakapalli Murali Krishna, the Superintendent of Police, fire was started by an unexpected reactor blast in the Pharma lab. The fire caused serious injuries to two persons, who were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Case to be registered and investigation to continue in pharma lab explosion: Police Superintendent

“A reactor explosion was reported in a private Pharma lab in Anakapalli. In the blast, two persons received severe burning injuries and were shifted to a hospital for treatment. A case will be registered and an investigation will be carried out on how the incident took place and whether there is any negligence from the management,” Anakapalli SP Murali Krishna told.

He said that with the police teams, more than four fire trucks arrived on the scene to put out the fire and carry out rescue efforts.

Lakshman Rao, the district fire officer, reported that eight fire trucks arrived quickly and that four more are on their way to the Pharma lab.

The operation is still ongoing since the lab fire has not yet been put out. There have been no recorded casualties as of yet. Further developments are awaited.