Real CCP Report Card: As CCP celebrates its centenary; Uyghurs narrate horrific stories from Xinjiang

1 July, 2021 | Rakshanda Afrin

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 Uyghurs activists exclusively spoke to NewsX on our special broadcast 'Real CCP Report Card' narrating horrific stories from Xinjiang and the ordeals and testimonies of their community.

As China is celebrating the Chinese Communist Party’s centenary, Uyghurs activists exclusively spoke to NewsX on our special broadcast ‘Real CCP Report Card’ narrating horrific stories from Xinjiang. Uyghur Activist Akeda Pulat, Outreach Director of Campaign for Uyghurs based in Washington DC and Uyghur Congress President, Dolkar Isa narrated the ordeals and testimonies of their community. 

Akeda Pulat’s both mother and your father disappeared overnight because of the kind of activism that they fought for the propagation and spread of the right word for the Uighur community against the CCP. “We all share the same emotions and same tragedies. My mother Dr Rahila Dawut is a professor’s at the Xinjiang University. She’s a law abiding citizens and never participated in any political activities or illegal activity. The Chinese government is the persecutor of the Uyghurs intellectuals. My mother disappeared in December 2017 and I totally lost contact with her. The Chinese government just arbitrarily detained a lot of Uyghurs,” said Akeda.

The Chinese Communist Party and its officers are spread along the length and breadth of Xinjiang to take control of the Uighur Muslim population and ensuring that there is crackdown on the intellectuals. There’s crack down on the religious heads because they are the ones who are actually going ahead and spreading the word, talking about the culture, which is the prime focus prime target of the CCP to completely go ahead and destroy Islamic scriptures, mosques, and burial grounds. Throwing some shed on this, Akeda said “The older intellectuals and the scholars have an influential role in the Uyghur communities that Chinese governments want to totally take control of. They wanted to totally control Uyghurs and destroy all the people who are intellectual scholars and have the influential roles in their community. Some of them are even given the death sentence, or life sentence.They see Islam as a disease. In our homelands, if you have a Quran in your home, if you practice the religious activity in the past or if you never drink alcohol, the Chinese Communist Party’s will accuse us of religious extremism, and they send them to the concentration camp.”

Uyghur Congress President, Dolkar Isa said “China’s Communist Party has continually commit crime. Although much has changed in China but for Tibet,  Mongolian people on the other hand nothing has changed for the better. CCP has continually attempt to erode identity of all these people. Today, China and the Chinese government has pointed to their economic growth as a vindication for the CCP. But CCP is the world’s most powerful criminal organization supported by state. It is responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people including Chinese, Tibetan widows.”

“Today China is threatening global democracy, human rights and international human rights system and international law,” added the Uyghur Congress President.