Mumbai: The person, who ran off with a Harley Davidson from a showroom in Hyderabad on Tuesday, was caught last night in Mumbai. 
T. Kiran, Aged 30, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and an employee of multinational oil and gas company, ONGC, walked into the showroom of Harley Davidson in Banjara Hills, one of the posh areas of Hyderabad.
Kiran portrayed himself as a customer interested in buying the bike and even filled up a form before taking a test drive of the bike. The police informed that every detail filled in the form was false, including his name as well which was stated by him as, Tahir Ali. 
The police also informed that Kiran drove the bike to Mumbai, where at last he was catch hold by the police. The CCTV images captured show alleged thief starting the bike, speeding up and disappearing into the traffic with no sign of him to be seen anymore.  
Seems like, Kiran had planned the entire robbery beforehand. Apart from filling up false information in the form, he also withdrew money and bought a helmet before going to the showroom. 
However, the question which strikes everybody’s mind is that why an educated person like him with a good work profile would attempt an action an action such as this. 


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