BENGALURU: With the intention of framing his lover’s husband, the Bengaluru man who made hoax calls to airport authorities, has been arrested by local police.

It happened on Saturday, when the 33 year old techie, MG Gokul, made hoax calls to Kempe Gowda International Airport to delay the departure of three flights, sighting the danger of a bomb attack. He also called the Delhi airport and mentioned them about the same.

Gokul was having an affair with his friend, Saju Joseph’s wife. In order to make things easy for himself and his affair to go on smoothly, he hatched a plan of removing Saju Joseph’s from his life permanently.

Gokul stole Saju Joseph’s passport, brought a sim card in his name and created a facebook page by his name. He then showed him as an ISIS follower on facebook, in order to attract the attention cyber cell police.

When this plan didn’t work out, he thought of another one. He then called the Airport authorities of Bengaluru and Delhi.

He first called the Bengaluru airport but when nobody answered there, he called the Delhi airport authorities and informed them that there was threat to three flights. He then informed the Bengaluru airport about the threat to another three flights through Whatsapp messages.

It is also informed by police that Gokul had assaulted his wife which resulted in her death, ultimately.

Gokul created so much chaos and problems of national level, just to have a smooth love affair. What he didn’t realise was the loss of one million dollars to the airlines and airports due to the delay and diversion of aircrafts and the ill reputation it could bring to his country.

He is now being interrogated by the police. 

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