SHIMLA: One of the most popular toy trains in India and indeed the beautiful ones which runs between Kalka and Shimla, derailed on Saturday, 2 km from Kalka. Covering a scenic view, it is a very popular route often taken by travellers to reach Shimla.
Built on extremely dangerous route, often on the ridges of steep hills, any derailment caused, even a minor one could often be fatal.
Being the only railway facility to reach Shimla, travellers often prefer it because of the beautiful route which it covers and its toy like structure. 
The mishap that took place today has proven to fatal and has taken two lives, while injuring twenty others. The injured have been admitted to a local hospital.
Reportedly, the two dead were travellers from United Kingdom (UK.) (Also Read: Two killed as Duronto Express derails in Karnataka)
The reason behind derailment is yet unknown. The Railway Offciailas are investigating into the matter. 
The unfortunate accident is second in a row today, after the Secunderabad- Bandra (Mumbai) Duronto Express derailed in Karnataka, in the early hours today.