NEW DELHI: The increasing number of dengue cases in the national capital has actually become a threat to life. A week ago, parents of a 7-year-old boy who succumbed to the disease committed suicide by jumping of a building as they could not get a bed in any hospital for their child’s treatment. A similar case has now come to light from Sriniwaspuri region of South Delhi.
Six-year-old Aman died lately because of dengue. Parents allege that their child was taken to Batra Hospital after three hospitals denied admitting their son. 
Speaking to NewsX, Aman’s father Manoj Sharma said, “We took our child twice to Safdarjung Hospital but they did not entertain us. Other hospitals too turned their back towards us.” Grieving about his child’s death, the father added, “Doctors must be suspended as they are turning patients away.”
On the other hand, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain has issued summons to the private hospitals who have denied admission to the dengue patients. All the doctors, nurses and para-medical professionals’ leaves have been cancelled. 
“We think their help will be required until next month at least. We have asked all of them to support us. Along with that we are using 1000 beds allotted for disaster. We are ready to help all the patients. We will promote blood donation in every level. We have initiated magistrate enquiry already. We have asked magistrate to give us report as soon as possible. A legal notice of one month cannot be reduced,” Jain said.