NEW DELHI: With Dengue taking so many lives in the national capital, it has become a national issue for the government. The latest being in this, the lives of two innocents being taken by the deadly disease after they were denied admission to the hospitals. 
Earlier, seven-year-old Avinash succumbed to dengue after being refused to be admitted in three hospitals, after which his parents committed suicide due to unbearable pain they suffered from their child’s death.
 Another similar incident took place yesterday, when a six-year old boy, Aman Sharma, was also denied admission by Safdarjung hospital and some other hospitals as well. 
Manoj Sharma, Aman’s father told NewsX, “We took our child twice to Safdarjung Hospital but they did not entertain us. Other hospitals too turned their back towards us.” (Also Read: #DengueDeathDance: 6-year-old dies of dengue, Satyendra Jain issues summon to hospitals for not admitting patients)
However, due to aggression showed by public in response to the above mentioned deaths has put a lot of pressure on the Delhi government, as a result of which, it has introduced some new measures-
1. 1000 additional beds for Dengue patients.
2. 24 hour helpline number- 011 23307145.
3. MLAs told to visit hospitals twice a day.
4. Postpone surgeries for a month.
However, in a shocking move, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal evaded the questions asked by our NewsX team.
On being questioned by one of our Correspondents in regard to the death of the six-year-old, Kejriwal chose not to answer and walk away. He ignored the question and went forward without answering to it.
It appears that even as the government has understood that it is not the disease which is taking up the lives of so many but the utter negligence and carelessness of the government and private hospitals. (Also Read: Apathy wipes out family of three: 7-year-old dies of dengue, parents commit suicide)
Till now, ten people have died and around 1, 800 people have been affected due to dengue, which is the worst epidemic Delhi has witnessed in the past five years. 

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