NEW DELHI: the five investigations conducted by NewsX exposes the ugly reality of the Delhi government showing their negligence and their attempts to run away from their responsibility.  
The five major things exposed by NewsX are-
The VIP zones are being fogged periodically against the rest of Delhi. Government is least bothered about the rest of Delhi but, is only bothered about the high profile politicians.  Dr. Arvind Lal, Chairman, Dr. Lal Path Labs, also expressed his grief while talking to NewsX. He said, “This is absolutely not acceptable. The Delhites have to bring in to the notice of the government in power.”
The officials of MCD demand bribe from people for fogging in their areas. They ask for Rs. 2000 or so for bribe for spraying in and around the homes of people. The dates of fogging as mentioned in the records are all false and, the officials are lying, as stated by people when interviewed by NewsX.  Dr. Arvind also said, “This is not the time for Babus to demand bribe.”
In another investigation by NewsX, it was found that the new helpline is also not a Dengue specific helpline. The helpline is still not operational. NewsX team called at 1031, the number provided by Delhi government as the helpline number. The operator on the other side told that one can make any queries regarding delhi on this line which clearly shows that the number is not specifically for the Dengue issue. “There is absence of any kind of responsibility and the fact is that the preventive aspect of disease has been completely ignored in Delhi,” Professor M. D. Nalapat said expressing his displeasure while speaking to NewsX. (Also Read: Delhi government changes dengue helpline number)
What happens when a person tries to get an ambulance in Delhi. The Newsx team tried and the ambulance operator they spoke to demanded Rs. 4500 to pick up a patient from Central Delhi and take him to St. Stephen’s Hospital. 
  Hundreds of crores have been spent to build framework for hospitals which are nowhere near completion. The money is spent, land allocated, but not a single patient can avail these facilities.      NewsX correspondents visited three hospitals and exposed some of the startling facts-
Janakpuri Super Speciality Hospital-
• Cost of project- Rs. 70 crores
• Emergency service not operational
• Only 45 doctors present 
• Out of 250 beds, only 26 are operational
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Hospital, Hari Nagar-
• NewOPD under construction for six years
• Land is approved for a medical college associated with the hospital but, the construction has not been initiated yet
 Multi-Speciality Hospital, Burari
• Project on Hold and the expansion designs are awaited
• Capacity increased from 200 to 800 beds, but the construction is still under process
Looks like, the promises made by government were only made to be broken. 
It is high time when the government should answer to the call of Dengue and take appropriate measures for Delhi citizens in helping them to battle against this epidemic.


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