NEW DELHI: The Saudi diplomat, who was accused of raping two Nepalese women, left India today, bringing a bid diplomatic embarrassment for India. The Saudi left India today at around 8pm.
Sources reveal that he took a gulf air flight to Bahrain from where he took a connecting flight to Riyadh. 
Diplomat has left ahead of probe. The Saudi Arabian embassy and the government of India were in talks for the past few days and they were trying to find a solution to the entire incident. The Ministry of External affairs had made it very clear that they will have to join the probe and the diplomat will have to cooperate with Haryana Police in the ongoing investigations.
There were only two options with the Saudi Arabian embassy which were, either expelling the Diplomat or, to withdraw the diplomat, which is what has happened. The Saudi Arabian embassy and the Ambassador then decided that the diplomat should leave the country before joining the probe. So, he is not going to be a part of the probe. They have invoked the diplomatic immunity and the Saudi Diplomat has left the country. (Also Read: Saudi diplomat accused of torturing and sexually assaulting two Nepalese women in Gurgaon)
It is very clear that right now the Saudi Arabian embassy does not want to join the probe and investigation that are ongoing.
Looks like, the Saudi government is not interested in ensuring justice to the two women who were victims to physical torture, mental torture, sexual exploitation and rape by the Saudi Diplomat.  

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