AGRA: Amid the increasing cases of dengue in Delhi and some other parts of the country, a hospital in Agra has been trapped in a controversy as it is reported of using limited available stretchers for ferrying dustbins instead of helping out the patients. 
A camera crew member spotted an awful lack of stretchers at the Sarojini Naidu Medical College in Agra and the shortage was so bad that some patients were actually seen being taken from one ward or department to another on hand-pushed handcarts.
However, it was later discovered that the staff members of few hospitals were actually spotted using the limited number of stretchers available to them to carry dustbins from one area to another.
The SN Hospital apparently claims to be among the fest medical schools in the country.
Soon after the incident caught the attention of the people, the hospital authorities promised to look into the matter and get it resolved at the earliest.
The Principal of the Hospital claimed that the investigation will be conducted into the case and an appropriate action would be taken against the wrongdoers.