NEW DELHI: Two big developments have taken place in the case of two Nepalese women being raped by a Saudi diplomat. 
Nepal embassy counsellor spoke to NewsX and told that Ministry of External Affairs is yet to brief Nepal embassy on what exactly happened. Presently, MEA is investigating into the matter trying to know what exactly happened and how the Saudi diplomat was allowed to leave India.
Two agents, who are believed to have sold the two women to the diplomat, have been arrested on the charges of being agents for Human Trafficking from Kathmandu. It is a very crucial arrest which can help in knowing us the other people who were involved in this entire trafficking chain.
It was informed yesterday that, the Saudi diplomat fled to Saudi Arabia from India, under cover of diplomatic immunity.  
Haryana cops are investigating the matter here in Delhi, trying to find out all the links and people involved in this trafficking and, Kathmandu cops are looking into the matter of illegal human trafficking.
It is a huge network of which, the two Nepalese women were a small part. There are many other Nepalese women who are traded to Saudi Arabia and there are many questions which are still unanswered- 
The amount of money they paid?
Who were they in touch with?
Did they get in touch with people in Delhi?
Was Delhi used as a transit station?
It is expected that the police will soon uncover all the things related to the case and will be able to expose the entire network, if present in Delhi.

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