BENGALURU: The rising number of accidents in Bengaluru due to potholes, which also witnessed protests by the common people against the government, has one more name added to it.
Stuti Pandey, a 25-year old employee of an IT firm was killed, when she and her husband were on their scooter on an east Bengaluru flyover on Thursday. Riding pillion with her husband, she lost her life, when their scooter skid on a pothole.  
The couple was returning from a friend’s place after attending Ganesha Puja. After the festivities, they were heading back home on their Honda Activa. Around 9.30pm, the couple reached the Devarabeesanahalli flyover on Outer Ring Road. The accident took place when they were on the upper ramp of the flyover. 
Ashish, a friend of the couple, who was accompanying them on the way, was around 50 m behind when he saw the scooter skid. He told, “Stuti fell to the left of the road and Om Prakash to the right. I stopped my bike and rushed to the couple’s help. The scooter appeared to have hit a pothole that was in the middle of the road. Stuti was unconscious, while Prakash appeared to have a broken hand.”
The couple was rushed to the nearby Sakra Hospital, where Stuti was declared dead. The hospital staff told that she was unresponsive, her pulse couldn’t be felt and there was no heartbeat. 
This is the third death, in a month, caused by a pothole. The killer pothole on the Devarabeesanahalli flyover is about 4 metres long, six inches deep and a foot wide and, is right in the middle of the road. Three lives have already succumbed to it. Government should look into the matter and should try to get it fix as early as possible before any such mishap takes place.