MATHURA: Rahul Gandhi was in Mathura today morning to address an ‘open house’ meeting with Congress workers. 
He cited the example of Steve Jobs’Apple who treated everybody equally and welcomed the advice of all instead of listening to few. The Congress vice-president said, “We accept everyone’s opinion, whether we agree or not.” 
Rahul Gandhi was in Mathura to evaluate the strategy of the party in UP, which will vote for its next government in two years.
Rahul Gandhi again attacked PM Modi by highlighting his failed attempts to fulfil his basic promises, the land reforms that the Modi government was forced to withdraw and his pledge to deposit in every citizen’s bank account Rs. 15lakh by recovering black money. (Also Read: Rahul Gandhi hits at PM Modi in a Bihar rally, tags him ‘feku’)
Rahul Gandhi has attacked Modi in another rally which was held on Sunday. HE CALLED Modi as a practitioner of ‘Take in India’instead of ‘Make in India,’ as his government, instead of working for the welfare of the poor, deprives them even of their basic rights.

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