MADHYA PRADESH:A 45-year old man fell into a crater in Katni, MP. Even after falling he was alive but the apathy lead to his death. Instead of being alive, he was buried there by the construction workers. 
Latori Lal, fell in to a pothole, in which hot tar was poured in and was then levelled by a road roller. All this happened when he was alive and could be saved. The pouring of hot tar and then its surfacing left to him no chance of survival and no chance of being rescued. 
His shirt piece was visible on the road and so, it is shocking that how could they not make out a person, who was so brazenly visible lying there in the pothole, before pouring the tar and levelling it. 
It either seems to be a case of absolute negligence or it was done purposely. But this is something which needs definitely to be looked into. (Also Read: Pothole swallows another life in Bengaluru, third in a month)
An FIR has been filed against the labourer and the dumper driver. Government has promised compensation to the family but definitely, a stricter action needs to be taken on it.
The increasing cases of accidents and deaths due to the killer potholes bring into highlight the negligence of the government with which it is dealing with this major problem.