DELHI: With an aim of encouraging Delhi people to use public transport, the Delhi government has planned to observe October 22 as, ‘Car-free’ day.  
The day will be observed for a particular stretch between Red Fort and India Gate as on October 22, Dussehra falling on same day. It has been initiated with an attempt to make people not use their own vehicles at least once a month.
 22nd of every month will be observed as the same with different road stretches, after which ‘World Car-free Day’ will be observed across Delhi on September 22, 2016. Transport Minister Gopal Rai said, “We will ensure that on the 22nd of every month, we observe ‘Car Free Day’ on different road stretches so that we will be able to observe ‘World Carfree Day’ across Delhi on September 22 next year.”
This has been initiated under a ‘Congestion and Pollution-free Delhi’, a campaign to make people aware about the environment problem prevailing in Delhi and how can these problems be overcome. 
Rai also told that in order to make the campaign impactful and reachable to Delhi people, they are going to involve transport and pollution departments and other departments, Delhi Police, NCC, NGOs and even volunteers.  
Trying to make the campaign more popular and familiar among people, the government has asked for suggestions from people to name the campaign. 
The Transport Minister has also issued his email id-, where people can send in their suggestions. A committee of experts will then scrutinise all the suggestions and the best out of the suggested lot would be used as the name of the campaign. 

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