NOIDA: Chilling murder caught on CCTV where a customer who went to a Dhaba, was stabbed by a Dhaba worker. In an altercation, the worker stabbed the man who survived for a while but later succumbed to his injuries. 
The police, with the help of CCTv is trying to identify the accused. The accused is still absconding, but they are hunting for him. So far, no leads has come across this case. 
The men first indulged in a verbal fight, after which the Dhaba worker, in the heat of the argument, stabbed the customer and ran away. “
Dr. Vikram Singh, Former DGP expressed shock on the inceident, “It is unfortunate that this kind of brazen, illegal and aggressive behaviour is seen in Noida. What kind of policing do we have in Noida?”
Commenting on the condition of Police, he said, “This roadside ‘Gundaism’ is indicative of the health of the Police. As of now, this incident indicates that there is actually no patrolling, no picketing and no surveillance of bad characters here.”
It is shocking to see such fearlessness of people from law, that despite of the presence of CCTVs, they took such an extreme step.
Is this the price of a life in Akhilesh’s UP?