CHENNAI: Students of the famous Sairam Engineering College protested today in front of the Channai Police Commissioners Office, demanding legal actions to be taken against the college authorities for depriving them of their rights by imposing several restrictions on them on the campus. 
It was reported that a circular was put up on the notice board mentioning restrictions such as use of WhatsApp, ban on birthday parties, bringing mobiles to college, driving inside the college and, girl students talking to boys and many more. However, the circular was withdrawn by seeing the outrage of the college students. (Also Read: Shocking diktat by Engineering College in Chennai says woman students can’t carry phones or talk to boys)
Over 100 students were seen protesting with their faces covered so as to hide their identities as they feared that the college authorities would exploit them for holding the protest. 
The students said that there are draconian laws in the college which do not allow a positive environment for education in the college. 
Students also want the Campus In-charge, Mr. Balu to be removed from the college
Students want Police and Government to intervene and ask the university to take back these ruthless directives.
After talking with the students, a senior police official confirmed that a committee has been appointed to inquire into this matter. 
However, the college management denied issuing any such circular and clarified the same to Anna University, to which it is affiliated. They said that it could have been the work of some outsiders.

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