MUMBAI: In a fresh twist to the 7/11 Mumbai train blasts case, the 12 convicts who are behind the bars for plotting and execution of the terror activity in Mumbai in 2006, have now written a letter to victim’s kin asking them to intercede on their behalf in Bombay High Court.
Empathizing with the families of the victims, the 9-page letter addressed to the victims of 7/11 Mumbai train blasts was signed by all the 12 accused which said, “We most humbly request you to stand with us in the High Court and make a petition in the Court praying to punish the real culprits and not innocents.”
“Your happiness and relief is natural. But we are sorry to say your happiness is fictitious and not real as we twelve are not the murderers of your loved ones but are ourselves victims,” it further said. 
12 out of 13 were convicted in the case (conspiracy against the country), while one was acquitted by the designated court on September 12. 
The letter accessed by NewsX also mentions that the victims of the terrorist plot have still not got justice and will never get justice until the real culprits are punished. The convicts in the letter have claimed that they are innocent and the real murders are roaming free in the country.
“We are not terrorists but victims like you. The only difference is, your lives have been ruined by terrorists and ours by terrorists in khaki,” the signed letter said.
It further urges the victims’ families to empathize with them and carefully check the details of the investigation which they claim to hold discrepancies. 
“We humbly request you to stand up and try to know the reality. Read the judgment copy, have a look on our defense evidences and documents, our call details and location records of our mobile numbers, you will know that you did not get justice,” it said.
The court on Wednesday announced death penalty for five convicts (Kamal Ansari (41) from Madhubani, Bihar; Mohammad Faisal Ataur Rahman Shaikh (41) from Mumbai; Ehtesham Qutubuddin Siddiqui (34) from Thane; Naveed Hussain Khan (35) from Secunderabad and Asif Khan (44) from Jalgaon in Maharashtra) while 7 others (Tanveer Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim Ansari (41), Mohammed Majid Mohammed Shafi (37), Shaikh Mohammed Ali Alam Shaikh (46), Mohammed Sajid Margub Ansari (38), Muzammil Ataur Rahman Shaikh (31), Suhail Mehmood Shaikh (46) and Zameer Ahmed Latiur Rehman Shaikh (41)) were awarded with life sentence.
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