Telangana: Santosh Reddy, a 15-year old committed suicide by jumping in front of a train after he failed to give Rs. 5,000 to his teacher.
He has left behind a video in which he has told that how he was punished, harassed and humiliated by his school teacher on his failure to submit Rs. 5,000 as school fees.
He told in the video that his teacher punished him for not being able to submit his school fees. He said in the video, “Mom, I am leaving. Please don’t look for me. Sir asked me to pay school fee. He punished me.”
He said, coming from a poor family, he could not afford to pay the said amount and thus, the only resort he was left with was the option of committing suicide. 
He left the suicide video back, asked his parents not to search for him and went to Pedapalli railway station, where he jumped in front of a train. 
On one hand, where the CM of the state splurges Rs. 5 crore on a luxury bus, a teen commits suicide for an amount which is too less as compared to the former mentioned amount. 
Is this what we expect from our government and is this the consequence of promises made by the government?

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