Kolkata: Saurabh Kumar, an engineer with the Indian Railways, was found dead at his home in Kharagpur, on September 22, 2015. Not convinced by the reason that, he was killed by a snake-bite, as stated in the post-mortem report, his family has now demanded the samples to be sent for Viscera report.
The post-mortem report found no involvement of villainy in his death.  Family is not convinced with the post-mortem report and believe that the report could have been tampered, and on their demand, the samples have now been sent for Viscera report. 
Saurabh, was responsible for Railway scrap tendering but Police tells he died of a snake bite. The family believes something else and have alleged that he is murdered by Mafia. 
The fact that he was responsible for Railway scrap tendering and that he refused to accept bribe for signing a particular tender, is the reason behind his death, as told by his family.  
It is also reported by Saurabh’s friends that he was receiving threat calls from past a few days but he did not pay much heed to it. 
It is also known that the regions like Kharagpur, Assansul, are safe regions for Mafias, especially who deal with Railway scrap and they also have good backing of the ruling party. This might be the reason that his family believes that the police is reluctant in investigating properly.  
The complaint was registered by Saurabh’s family on September 23, 2015 mentiuoning that some conspiracy is involved behind his death. The Police did not register an FIR even after getting this complaint. It is evident from this that the Police was reluctant in accepting na FIR.
However, the Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, has now ordered a probe into Saurabh’s death.

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