Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses Bihar in an election rally today, at Banka district of Bihar.

Highlights from his Speech:

  • I feel grateful that I have got the opportunity to land on the soil of Banka.
  • Bihar will celebrate 2 Diwalis this time- one, when the results will be announced and second, the festival of lights.
  • I find myself obliged to visit this place on such an auspicious date i.e. 2nd October, 2015.
  • There is no such event which has not originated from the soil of Bihar. ‘Champaran Satyagraha’is an example of the same
  • India cannot develop without Bihar being developed.
  • Development should be there in Bihar.
  • Progressive plans for Farmers benefits.
  • Employment should take place in Bihar
  • I have come to Bihar with all these dreams.
  • I want to greet all the youth present here. In spite of the Mic problem, you have shown your support.
  • Bihar has witnessed Feudalism, Capitalism and other forms of government. Just once, vote for development-oriented government.
  • All the solutions to the problems lie in development. I met a number of people belonging to Bihar on my US visit. They only questioned that when will Bihar develop?
  • They want to see a changed Bihar, a developed Bihar.
  • This government is for the poor.
  • I will make sure that every poor gets the facility of electricity.
  • I have taken the responsibility to provide shelter to the poorest of the poorest. I have taken this pledge to be completed by 2022.
  • My government is for working towards the benefit of the poor.
  • Nitish Kumar has failed to fulfil his promises.
  • According to a World Bank report, Bihar holds the same rank as it had in the previous report, which was 29th.
  • I Promise that we will make Bihar Bihar attain new heights and achievement.
  • Under ‘Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna,’ no poor will be asked for any guarantee against borrowing a loan from a Bank. He will be provided loan up to Rs. 50,000.
  • Vote for the government which will fulfil your dreams and desires. 
  • Demand once and you will find me standing by your side.
  • Bullet only brings destruction, but ballot brings development.
  • Vote rationally and make India win.
  • Concludes by narrating the slogan “BHARAT MATA KI JAI.”

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