TELANGANA: We all understand the importance of education in our life. India has been focusing on encouraging child education since a long time now. While on one hand where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is emphasizing on the importance of education in our country, on the other hand, we have seen several cases of suicides due to the same. 
At several times, students commit suicide succumbing to the pressure of attaining good marks, while others give up to the mental torture they suffer at times by the seniors or teachers. In one such case, 15-year-old Satish from Telangana gave up to the stress and humiliation he was going through at his school by his teachers.
According to a media report, Satish was asked to stand outside the class for not paying his fees which obviously embarrassed the teenager. He reportedly left for home during his lunch break and asked for his cousin’s mobile phone. 
After reaching home, the disturbed youngster recorded a video where he narrated his stressed situation at school and said good bye to his parents asking them not to search for him.
The youngest child of a farmer, Satish who had two other siblings left a suicide note near the television which asked his parents to see the video. Satish in the video claimed that he was not willing to go school anymore and he was killing himself following the humiliation at his institute.
“Everyone has a same problem. My dad says he paid Rs. 5, 000 and he cannot afford any more money. There is no money in the house. So, I am dying,” Satish said in the video message he shared before killing himself. 
After some time, Satish’s body was found approximately 20 km away from his residence.
On the other side, the school management has been booked for abetment of suicide.
Watch the video message here: