MUMBAI: A shocking revelation made by Byculla Jail sources to NewsX has yet again led to another twist to the Indrani Mukerjea suicide attempt in the jail episode. Sources have revealed that Indrani collapsed at 6 AM on October 2; however, she was taken to JJ Hospital at 2 PM. The reason behind this 8 hours delay has raised several eyebrows. 
It is now confirmed that the condition of Indrani Mukerjea is due to drug overdose. Hinduja hospital laboratory has confirmed Benzodiazepine level raised in urine of Indrani Mukerjea. The level of this anti-depressant is supposed to be upto 200 but it is found to be 2088 in Indrani’s body.
Reportedly, Indrani woke up at 5 AM and it was 6 AM when she collapsed. The jail doctors tried to revive Indrani at 8 AM but her condition worsened at 12 AM following which she was rushed to JJ Hospital at 2 PM. 
Indrani was being given two tablets, one of anti-anxiety and the other of anti-epilepsy as was prescribed by the doctors at JJ Hospital.
If sources are to be believed, Indrani complained of uneasiness and was rushed to the hospital in an unconscious condition after overdosed on anti-epileptic pills. (Also Read: Indrani Mukerjea responds to treatment: J.J Hospital)
Indrani’s mother, Durga Rani Bora, died in Guwahati on Thursday and it is probable that Indrani went into depression after she was told about the demise of her mother.
Presently, Indrani Mukerjea is admitted in JJ Hospital and the next 48 hours are critical for the former media executive, as informed by the doctors. Although her condition has improved but she is still not out of danger, doctors said.

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