Mumbai: Indrani Mukerjea, admitted at JJ Hospital, is responding positively to the medical treatment, but her condition is still critical. 
She is still unconscious but the doctors are trying their best to revive her from her deep sleep. (Also Read: Indrani Mukerjea responds to treatment: J.J Hospital)
Understanding the critical situation, she has been kept under observation of senior medical consultants of hospital presently.
Due to respiratory depression, she is finding difficulty in breathing, due to which she has been kept on Oxygen.
It was reported on Friday, that Indrani was rushed to JJ Hospital after she complained of chest pain and uneasiness.
It is believed that she had stock piled the anti-depressant pills which were prescribed to her by the doctors of JJ Hospital. (Also Read:Exclusive: Why did the jail authorities wait for eight long hours to take Indrani Mukerjea to hospital?; Drug overdose theory proved)
Overdose of benzodiazepine drug was found in her body, as confirmed by the medical report of Hinduja Hospital laboratory.

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