BENGALURU: Farida Mujib, wife of a goods auto-rickshaw driver handed over her third child and the only son to a lady without even a slight hint that she was handing over her baby to an abductor.
Farida gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday at 4 pm but as the boy faced breathing difficulties, he was immediately shifted to NICU. After being kept there for two days, Farida was finally called to feed her son, after which she rushed to NICU and fed her child outside the unit.
It was then when an unknown lady came to her praising the little boy and asking if she could hold him for a while. The lady played with the boy, but minutes later, when Farida looked around, the lady and her baby were nowhere to be found. 
Understanding the untoward incident, Farida called her sister-in-law Salma, who had gone to the Pharmacy. The unfortunate part being that Salma had passed the kidnapper on her way while coming back but she did not realise that the lady was carrying her nephew.
The Police was informed, who then searched the entire hospital but could not find any traces of neither baby nor the lady.
However, Police recovered the CCTV footage immediately, which shows the lady leaving the hospital at around 12.43 pm. 
DCP (East) N Satheesh while commenting on the incident said, “The footage shows the woman speaking to a man before she heads to NICU. We are verifying whether he has anything to do with the kidnapping.”
Bowring Hospital has witnessed such incident for the first time in years.

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