PATNA: Bihar politician Lalu Prasad Yadav has once again managed to grab the headlines but yet another time not for positive reasons. While filing the nomination papers for the state assembly polls, Lalu’s older son, Tej Pratap mentioned his age as 25 as that was his age according to the voters’ list. 
While the Election commission sources claim that this is a minor technical error, the Chief Electoral officer of the State, Ajay Naik mentioned that the corrections cannot be made ‘in the middle of the election process’.
Well, it is to be noted that the going by the ‘mistake’, Tej Pratap is the junior of his younger brother, at least in this election. 
The Yadav brothers are the only ones along with their sister Misha Bharti among the Lalu Prasad’s mine children to step into politics. 
Soon after filing the nomination papers for the Mahua assembly seat yesterday, Tej Pratap addressed a public meeting where his rawness was clearly visible.
While Tej Pratap is new to rallies, the crowd was keen to hear him out whereas, his younger brother, Tejaswi who as well is a first time candidate has campaigned with his father during the rallies last year national election. 
The audience appeared to be not so impressed with Tej Pratap’s speech as he wrapped up everything under five minutes. 
“The roads here are in such a situation during the rainy season that an elephant would also drown. I will make them better,” Tej Pratap said. Immediately after his comment, father Lalu Prasad whispered something to him following which he repeated his statement in the local Bhojpuri language and managed to draw some applause.
Often seen as Lalu Prasady Yadav’s political successor, next to speak was Tejaswi. In his great show, Tejaswi spoke for around 30 minutes without being promoted by his father who was spotted nodding enthusiastically more than once. 
While the two brothers are certainly to be compared in the political ring, Tej Pratap believes that there is nothing that could bring differences between him and his brother. “Tejaswi and I are like Krishna-Balram in the Mahabharata, we are united and we are going to win,” he said.