BIHAR: Rahul Gandhi addresses rally at Sheikhpura in Bihar, ahead of Bihar elections.
Some of the highlights from his speech:
I have not met one person who has claimed that he got Rs 15 lakh in his account transferred by PM Modi.
Second promise made by him- “BJP ko vote do, to mai Hindustan ke yuvao ko rozgaar dunga.” Is there any person here who has been provided employment by PM Modi?
Farmers of Punjab, Andhra, Telangana, Haryana, are committing suicide. Their crops were destroyed by unfavourable climate but Modi ji didn’t give them any compensation.
Modi ji claimed that prices would be reduced. I don’t see any reduction in the prices. In fact, the prices have risen even more than before.
PM Modi has been unable to give special status to Bihar in 1 year.
PM Modi has been silent on important issues.
He does not listen to the problems of the poor but only addresses his plans and does nothing about them.
Modi ji believes that only the bureaucrats and businessmen have knowledge. For Modi ji, commoners do not have knowledge.
We want to involve you people also. We want you to be strengthened.
The PM doesn’t feel India’s pain.
BJP supporters torture the people of Bihar in Maharashtra and throw them out.
BJP people say, “Kick out Biharis.”
The Congress will provide employment to 1.5 crore youth with the help of the Employment exchange.
We will open universities in every city.
We will provide water and electricity to all the people, especially in villages.
We fulfil all that we promise.
We will stand by you and fight for you. We will kick out the BJP from Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat.
Their intention has always been to spread communal hatred. 
Rahul Gandhi has jumped into the fray of battleground Bihar. He has attacked PM Modi directly.
He has reminded the PM of all his promises he made at the time of the Lok Sabha elections, which Modi  has failed to fulfil.
Rahul Gandhi also questioned his black money probe.
Rahul Gandhi has three more rallies lined-up in Bihar—Narepur, Barbigha and Chenari.


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