KERALA: After Sree Keralavarma College, Maharaja’s College, in Ernakulam city of Kerala, has organised a beef festival, protesting against the case of beef lynching of a man in Dadri. (Also Read: Students suspended over ‘Beef Fest’)
Kerala Students Union Activists of the Maharajas College organised a ‘Beef Fest’ on their campus. (Also Read: Mob kills a man over beef eating rumours, son critically injured)
However, it looks like, that even the Kerala Beef Fest has now turned into a political fight. (Also Read: Justice will be done, CM tells Akhlaq’s family)
Congress has attacked the Centre saying that NDA government is emboldening fringe elements and is trying to divide India.
One of the supporters of the Congress party said, “Congress has always believed in respecting the minority’s rights.” (Also Read: Dadri Beef Lynching Case: Rahul Gandhi meets the victim’s family; A delegation of Congress led by UP PPC to visit Dadri tomorrow)
Hitting at the Modi government, he said, “Mr. Modi’s indirect support to these fringe elements. Their Ministers, MPs make derogatory statements against minority communities and rake up political benefits by dividing the nation on communal lines.”
Making a scathing attack at BJP he said, “This is the BJP policy, from ‘Babri’ to ‘Dadri’.”
On the other hand, Subramanian Swamy, BJP leader, justified the suspension of the six Kerala college students on the lines that ‘consumption of beef is not a fundamental right.’
Commenting on the incident he said, “This is a deliberate attempt to insult the Hindus.” (Also Read: Pandit Nehru’s niece, Nayantara Sahgal returns Sahitya Akademi Award)
Students from other colleges in Kerala are protesting the suspension of six students of Sree Keralavarman College, calling it a regressive one. A student was quoted saying, “This is something that has to be protested and the protest should come from all the corners of our country.”