BIHAR: PM Modi addresses his third rally today at Samastipur in Bihar, ahead of Bihar elections.
In his speech, Modi made scathing attacks at SP Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.
Some of the key highlights from his speech:
We want people who have humanity, not the ones who are ‘Shaitan.’
Vote for BJP and bring development in Samastipur and in entire Bihar. 
The NDA will work together towards the development of Bihar
We have one agenda only that Bihar develops and its development continues at the same pace as that of the entire nation.
I know the power that resides in Bihar. I want to utilise that power so that Bihar is benefitted.
Bihar ka “Pani” and Bihar ki “Jawani,” if the two are utilised then the face of India will change.
I have brought ‘Vikas Mantra’ with me to you, which I now want to apply in Bihar.
Questioning the opposition, Modi asked if they ever thought of making toilets for the poor, the women and children. Shouldn’t our poor mothers and children have toilets?
For 60 years, the poor were kept away from banks, but we (BJP) got their accounts made in just a year.
My dream is to provide every Indian citizen with shelter by 2022. 
As per Nitish ji if he is unable to provide electricity then he will not come to ask for votes in 2015. Where is the electricity? Can he be trusted now?
False promises are being made again. They once again want to create ‘Jungle Raj’ in Bihar.
Crimes in Bihar have increased. According to the Bihar Police, 4000 cases of kidnapping have been registered since January- July.
Vote for BJP, vote for development.
The Bihar elections will be held between October 12 and November 5. The counting of votes will be held on November 8.