LUCKNOW: SP Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav addressed media today in Lucknow, over the recent Dadri beef lynching case. 
He also pointed out at the Muzaffarnagar riots.
He mentioned that such incidents have taken place before also. First it was the Muzaffarnagar riots and now the Dadri incident.
Main points from his speech: 
Minorities are being curbed.
Beef murder was a conspiracy to ruin the image of Samajwadi Party. When they saw that the party is progressing and is contributing towards the building up of the state, they planned this attack. 
Public has understood that Samajvadi Party wants their development. People have developed a belief in us.
All the promises will be fulfilled. We will bring development. 
Our politics is not to divide but to move forward by taking everybody together.
Other parties are trying to derail SP developmental policies.
We won’t allow governance to be derailed.
Showing the graph of progress that UP has made and their contribution towards providing basic amenities such as water, electricity, roads, basic infrastructure, Mulayam Singh Yadav praised his party and indirectly asked people to vote for them in the upcoming Bihar elections. 

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