NEW DELHI: Defending the charges of corruption framed against him, AAP minister, Asim Khan, held a press conference, showing him to be a victim of AAP’s internal politics.
Expressing shock over the entire incident, he said, “I was forced to write my own resignation.” 
Describing himself to be an honest and dedicated minister, he mentioned that he was the one to propagate an anti-helpline number 1031, where people could call and register their complaints related to bribery. 
He showed a newspaper clipping with the advertisement, in support of his statement.
Hitting at AAP, he questioned as to why AAP hid the name of the whistleblower.
Talking about the announcement of AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal, Asim Khan opposed the allegations levelled against him yesterday. He said that the party had accused him of taking a bribe from the owner of a building, and if required the media could question Javed, the builder, who was accompanying Asim during the press conference. (Also Read: Kejriwal sacks food minister for corruption on live TV)
Showing himself to be absolutely clean and innocent he raised several questions such as:
Why frame such a big conspiracy?
Why were such allegations put against me?
Why was an honest person tainted with such charges?
Confident about his innocence, he confirmed that he would reveal the truth very soon with the support of relevant evidence and produce it in front of the media in a day or two. 
He mentioned that a press conference would be held again soon where he would present the evidences to clear his image.
Asim Khan confirmed of possessing strong proof in the form of documents as well as supporting information stored in a pen drive and said he would soon be distributing copies of the same. 
After Arvind Kejriwal sacked him yesterday on live TV, Asim Khan decided to use the same medium to prove his innocence and counterattack the AAP.