NEW DELHI: The Department of Trade and Taxes, Delhi Government, has announced a scheme titled “Bill Banvao, Inaam Pao,” under which cash awards would be given to general public, who get proper bills made from retailers.
The scheme would be covering those who get bill/ cash memo/ retail invoice prepared of their purchases made from a registered dealer in Delhi.
To become a receiver of the award, minimum taxable value of the purchased goods should be ₹ 100. 
The prize would be five times the taxable value of the products purchased and the maximum cash reward would be ₹ 50,000. 
To make the claim easier and convenient, the government has come up with two options:
The purchaser can take a photo of the bill and send it on the Department’s assigned number via WhatsApp.
If not this, then the purchaser can upload the bill on the department’s website.
The bill should have the following details:
Registration number (TIN) of the dealer.
Full name of each item purchased.
Rate of tax charged against each product.
Total sale value (Excluding VAT)
The verification of the purchases would be made from the seller by ward VAT Inspector after which, the cash reward would be transferred to the purchaser’s bank account.
To be eligible for the scheme, one has to upload the bill within seven days of purchase.
Once the bill is submitted by the purchaser, a unique id would be generated which would be sent to the purchaser via SMS. These unique ids would be then used for a computerized draw of lots for selecting the winner.
It seems to be a positive attempt towards encouraging customers to get proper bills made of their purchases which most of them otherwise avoid with the intention of evading tax and also to encourage the consumers to buy from registered dealers in the National Capital.

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