MUMBAI: In a surprising move, dance bars in Maharashtra that were banned in the State are now set to return. These dance bars provided employment to numerous women who have been living a stranded life across Maharashtra due to the ban but the controversial law was put on hold by the Supreme Court on Thursday.
The apex court has now allowed dance bars to operate in Maharashtra as the ban has been lifted over the operation of Maharashtra Police Act that prohibited dance performances at eating places, beer bars and restaurants.
This has been one of the most controversial issues in the State as it has been often been branded as the front for ‘prostitution’ by the State Government.
The top court in 2013 permitted the operation of dance bars in Maharashtra; however, in 2014 the Maharashtra Assembly banned the operation of dance bars in the State. 
Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis expressed his agreement with the SC decision and hailed the Court’s view that the dance bars should reopen in Maharashtra. 
On the other hand, the Supreme Court in its order while passing the law said that women in the dance bars should not be disrespected.


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