AHMEDABAD: Doctors at the Sola Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat have taken Navratri enthusiasm too seriously. In what is sure to bring embarrassment to the management of the hospital is that the doctors at the hospital were captured on camera performing ‘garba’ in the ICU ward of the hospital with loud music.
The staff members including doctors performed ‘garba’ in front of ailing patients, a regional news channel reported.
The Finance, Medical Education and Health and Family Welfare Minister of Gujarat, Nitinbhai Patel earlier in the day inaugurated the new dialysis centre in the hospital.
Soon after the event, the staff members present at the hospital started playing ‘garba’ with loud music, disturbing the ailing patients of the ward.
As per the rules prevalent in hospitals even mobile phones are prohibited in the ICU wards of hospitals but here the staff members were actually playing loud music to celebrate the opening of a new centre.
A shocking video of the incident has also gone viral on the Internet which clearly shows the staff members of the hospital performing ‘garba’ in front of patients of the ICU ward.
The administration was reportedly not aware about anything like this happening in the hospital but went ahead and shut down the loud music as soon as they were informed about it. 

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