Sitamarhi: PM Narendra Modi in poll-bound Bihar once again targeted the Grand Alliance under CM Nitish Kumar and called it a ‘Maha-Swarth’ Alliance. He said the Alliance is only interested in gaining power and is trying to destroy the future of Bihar. 
“These elections are not about discussing who will be in power or will form the government in Bihar. They are about deciding the future of Bihar. Its future lies only in choosing the path of development. So now it is up to the people of the State to decide whom they want to trust—the ones who are only interested in gaining power or the ones who want to bring development”, PM Modi said addressing the rally. “Let’s make this election about progress”, he added.
Speaking on the Nitish-led Grand Alliance PM Modi said that they have realized that they are losing the elections and this insecurity is making them blame us through unknown and unheard allegations.
Using Bihar CM Nitish’s tantric incident, Modi took a potshot at him saying when someone realizes that he has completely lost and nothing can be done, it is only then that one takes the path of using Black Magic to rise again. But I want to ask, “Can this ‘tantra-mantra’ wash their sins, can it give employment to the youth, bring electricity, or solve the problems of farmers?” By indulging in such activities, Nitish is only taking Bihar back into the 18th century, which is an insult to the people of the State.